About Wushu Quest:

Back when I was a fatty 13 years old kiddo, and a huge Hong Kong movie geek, I decided to start Wushu (aka Kung Fu) to “Fly like Jet Li” right after seeing “Once upon a Time in China”. My first year of practice was so terrible, I would have never thought that 20 years later I’d still be training and competing, that I would have leave France to travel the world, become an international competitor, live in China, training athletes, inherited an ancestral lineage, or even having my own radio show!

Of course, these 20 years have not always been easy on me. Like many, I had my share of obstacles to overcome, hardships and ordeals, hard trainings, etc. Learning from my many mistakes (still do) and experiences, these have helped me accomplish a few modest achievements until today.
I regret nothing, as like everything I did in my life, I did it with one goal in mind: Becoming the best I could at Chinese Martial Arts.

However, I still feel like I’m only at the beginning of my Wushu journey.

And this is exactly why I wanted to create Wushu Quest: To share all the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered in the field with as many people as possible, in order to hopefully help you guys become a way better martial artist than me!

Let the quest begin.

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