Why Your Wushu Stopped Improving: Discipline over Motivation

Nowadays, EVERYTHING is about motivation: You have motivation videos, music playlists, speechs, and quotes all over your favorite social medias, etc… and yet, sometimes you still skip training and wonder why your wushu is not as good as it should be (or as you wish it should be). Instead of telling you that your Wushu …

Competition Day, D-1 : Be Ready

Tic … Tock … in approximatively 24 hours you will be at the competition venue, ready to show your improvements to everyone. You’ve trained hard for this day for different reasons : to prove yourself and / or the others something, because you love to train hard, have dreams of joining the National Team, just test your improvements, or all of the above!

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Stop Spraining your Ankles

Ouch !!! A few seconds ago you were in the air performing your favourite Cekongfan 侧空翻 (Aerial), Tengkong Feijiao 腾空飞脚 (Flying front kick), landing from a Sanda take-down or maybe just doing some hard conditioning after an exhausting training.Anyways, now you’re lying on the ground in pain. Welcome to the sprained ankles club ! Ankle …