Wushu Brick Core Workout

Another original Wukong workout, should you be or not, in lockdown because of the Coronavirus.

This workout is focused on core training, which is essential to keep your forms clean, improve your upper and lower body synchronisation, and therefore speed and jump rotations for Taolu as well ! We recommend you pur it at the end of your Wushu training and / or inside your physical conditioning practice.
What is challenging with the bricks is the little surface they offer to put your feet and hands on, and the unbalanced feeling forcing you to focus on your overall core to keep still. Put them in a vertical position for a very challenging workout !
If you don’t have bricks, you may use very hard books, glass bottles, or anything similar.

How it Works?

  • You got 5 different exercises. 5 exercises = 1 set
  • 1 to 2 minutes per exercise
  • 20 seconds rest between each exercices
  • 1 minute rest between each set
  • Repeat 5 times!

If it’s too hard, don’t worry. Start by doing 3 times the complete set, then slowly add up depending on your level

Jiayou !