What Is Wushu?

It’s the most awesome and complete martial art in the world.

Better – but wrongly – known as « Kung Fu », it is one of the world’s most ancient martial arts. Born in China thousands of years BC, different styles were used by the armies and the people who needed to defend themselves. All this, way before Shaolin Temple – that also had a huge influence on Wushu development – even existed

With so many different people on such a huge territory, and with such a long martial history, many styles have been created along time. And Wushu does not only designate the modern competition version of it, but also hundreds of different traditional styles, wrestling, lion dance, Qi Gong, Taiji, archery, and more!

All these styles have different characteristics, meaning, culture, training goals, and flavour.

When you learn Wushu, you are not only learning how to move, how to fight with your bare hands and hundreds of different weapons, but you are doing the same moves as people who lived through the most amazing millennium and centuries of our world!

Like many martial arts, you are also learning a complete culture, a language, and human values.

You become the holder of a treasured heritage from one of the most ancient culture on our planet.

Back then, outside of practical combat training, practicing different forms with or without weapons was how people would train stamina, resistance, strength, agility, speed, power, coordination, flexibility, etc while being a great way to remember and pass down the fighting applications.  Today, thanks to science and technology, we are able to complete this thousand years old tradition and improve our skills even more by adding strength and conditioning techniques developed by the best athletes and coaches in the world, exactly like Bruce Lee imagined it decades ago, understanding what is a true martial artist.

Wushu Quest is about all this.

We want to help you have a better understanding of Chinese Martial Arts and the culture around it, from the origins to today’s representation in pop-culture, and to improve your skills through tutorials, technical tips videos, and more. We want to make you a skilled, knowledgeable, martial artist.

A few examples of Wushu styles:

  • Hung Gar
  • Wing Chun
  • Shaolin
  • Wudang
  • Praying Mantis Boxing (Tanglang Quan)
  • Drunken Boxing (Zui Quan)
  • Pak Mei
  • Ba Ji Quan
  • Ba Gua Zhang
  • White Crane (Bai He Quan)
  • Monkey Boxing (Hou Quan)

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