About GK

Hi! I’m the founder and host of Wushu Quest Youtube channel and Instagram, Ghyslain, but call me GK.
If you wish to know more about me, below is a summary of my Wushu journey:


  • Age 13, starts Wushu in France by learning traditional Cantonese Cai Jia Quan 蔡家拳 and Sanda 散打  with Master Cai Chuibiao 蔡垂彪 (IWUF 8th Duan) and Master Zhong Zhiqiang 鐘志強 (IWUF 6th Duan).


  • Switches to modern Wushu (Nanquan) still with master Zhong Zhiqiang 鐘志強 and starts national competitions.
  • Enters Bachelor program at Paris Diderot University in Chinese language and culture.

2005 ~ 2014

  • Represents France as an international competitor and goes to China every year for periods going from a few months to a year to improve his skills, getting several national and international champion titles.


  • Gets certified Black Belt 2nd Duan by Grandmaster Wubin himself (Jet Li’s coach)


  • Meets his soon to be one lifelong teacher: Wang Xiaona 王晓娜 (Beijing and China Wushu Team athlete, head coach of the Beijing Sports University Wushu Team). And starts training with her every time he goes to China.
  • The same year, he wins gold and bronze at the Hangzhou International Wushu Championships, and stayed in Beijing until end of 2008.


  • Starts Changquan and wins 2 golds (Nanquan and Nangun) at the Hong Kong World Wushu Festival.


  • Wins the Chinese Bridge Chinese language contest in France and is sent to Beijing for 3 months of TV competition with mandarin speaker from 120 countries.
  • Stays in Beijing training with Wang Xiaona for 6 months at the Beijing Sports University.


  • Becomes a National Instructor (France) and a 3rd Duan Black Belt.
  • Starts training Changquan, Bagua Zhang, and Xingyi Quan with coach Xie Han 謝涵


  • After training a few months in Beijing with Wang Xiaona, he wins 2 golds and the best coach award at the 8th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition.


  • Leaves France for China (Huizhou city, Guangdong province) to work as a QC and factory manager, training with master Li Yongzhou 李永周, and spending all his weekends training Dragon boat in Hong Kong.


  • Becomes a certified National Wushu Instructor from the Chinese Wushu Association.
  • Starts training kids at Huizhou city’s Huashan Wushu School.
  • Creates and launch www.wukongwushu.com

2017 ~ Now

  • Leaves for Taiwan (Taipei City). And starts training in MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Lion dance, crossfit, and keeps training modern Wushu.
  • Continues to compete at several Taiwan national competitions


  • Master Lu Wenrui 盧文瑞 finally accepts to train me in Wushu and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • The same year, GK becomes the only foreign disciple and member of the “Minshe Lion and Dragon Dance Group” under master Wu Junyi 吳俊億, with whom he trains in lion dance, Taiwanese war drums, and lion head making.


  • Officially became a 10th generation inheritor of Southern Shaolin Cai Jia Quan 蔡家拳, and later, the only western official disciple of master Lu Wenrui 盧文瑞, becoming a 9th generation inheritor of Wong Feihung’s Hung Gar lineage.
  • Starts training fighters at UFC Taiwan in both Strength and Conditioning and Boxing
  • Wins 2 golds at the Asia-Pacific Traditional Wushu Championships.
  • Trains western boxing in the Philippines with former World Top 8 flyweight champion Jojo “Love Machine” Bardon, BJJ with coach Marco Birch, and MMA with coach Rufino “Pinoy” Mante.


  • Coaches his brothers in arms Cheik Keita and Helder De Abreu to win the Taiwanese amateur MMA fight championship “WOTD”.
  • Becomes host of Radio Taiwan International weekly Wushu culture show “Way of the Masters” (French)

About Wushu Quest:

Back when I was a fatty 13 years old kiddo, and a huge Hong Kong movie geek, I decided to start Wushu (aka Kung Fu) to “Fly like Jet Li” right after seeing “Once upon a Time in China”. My first year of practice was so terrible, I would have never thought that 20 years later I’d still be training and competing, that I would have leave France to travel the world, become an international competitor, live in China, training athletes, inherited an ancestral lineage, or even having my own radio show!

Of course, these 20 years have not always been easy on me. Like many, I had my share of obstacles to overcome, hardships and ordeals, hard trainings, etc. Learning from my many mistakes (still do) and experiences, these have helped me accomplish a few modest achievements until today.
I regret nothing, as like everything I did in my life, I did it with one goal in mind: Becoming the best I could at Chinese Martial Arts.

However, I still feel like I’m only at the beginning of my Wushu journey.

And this is exactly why I wanted to create Wushu Quest: To share all the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered in the field with as many people as possible, in order to hopefully help you guys become a way better martial artist than me!

Let the quest begin.